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CEDARWOOD (5 Postcards)

The story

CEDARWOOD is a children´s book about friendship, patience, and great deeds. Its main character is the little boy Bono who wants more than anything to visit a concert of his musical hero on the Southside of town.

On his journey across Dublin, he meets his best friends and feels they are all in trouble somehow and in a different way. Kind and generous Bono helps them out with selfless patience. Meanwhile time is ticking. Will he arrive on time and what does it really take to be a hero?

CEDARWOOD offers a true lesson in friendship and patience that holds its value regardless of the reader’s age.

Details & Data

– A set of 5 CEDARWOOD postcards
– Postcard 1: Bono
– Postcard 2: Bono & Edge
– Postcard 3: Bono & Larry
– Postcard 4: Bono & Adam
– Postcard 5: Bono & Gavin
– Format: 5.8 x 5.8 inches (14.8 x 14.8 cm)
– 300gsm matt coated
– Single-sided matt laminating
– This is not an official product of U2


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